Stillaguamish River, South Fork, Gold Mining with Boyd Raeburn

stillaguamish river south fork gold mining with boyd raeburn
This is a guide to where you can pan for gold on the South Fork of the Stillaguamish River (NW Washinton) and actually find a modest amount (flake size-- thin, not chunky), but a moderate amount--not a few flakes per pan. You would go to Granite Falls, and proceed east on the southern half of the Mountain Loop Highway towards Verlot. About 5 or 6 miles out of Granite Falls look for the Boy Scout erected sign. This is the trail that leads to the Monte Cristo rail lines and tunnels created around 1900. Once the Rogue Canyon closes in on the Stilli River, there is bedrock everywhere. Prior to that, you can find gold in the Stilli river, but it will be captured by roots of trees as they create riffles in the river bed. At this time, you are not required to carry on your person the Fish and Game Book on gold mining, and can dunk your gold pan in the river water. I would be very careful about how you move dirt around in reparian areas, but I think that is fine, too. To stay lawful, you must prospect only within the overflow (scour) areas along the river. Make sure you watch my next video on mining the Stillaguamish River for mossing techniques. 4 years ago things were just the opposite! The music: Boyd Raeburn, 1944 with "Early Boyd." This is a fun peice of music, written and arranged by Ralph Flanagan.
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stillaguamish river south fork gold mining with boyd raeburn
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